I'm not gonna even waste the energy to type an apology for being a shit blogger. oh wait, I just did. So soz guys...
I, Tara Masterson Hally, am a shit blogger. *what's new?
buttttt, I've been really focusing on working on my music an updating all my pages so that they're no longer representations of me as a fourteen-year-old-garageband-loving teenager. Four years older, four years less cringey... I hope!

Anyways, I've recorded some more new stuff, and I'm trying to get this all up-and-running again. The photos are by my friend Andrew who does amazing photography, obvzzz.

So, faithful readers (who don't exist anymore because last time I updated was Christmas (ooops...)(can you do brackets within brackets?)(probs not)(ohwell)) if you do still exist, then well done to you for possessing inhuman patience and loyalty. Your prize is a link to my
and my latest song. Please 'like' my page, I would really appreciate it! Also, keeps your eyes... or um, ears, peeled, because I'll be uploading a new song tomorrow hopefully!

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