I'm not gonna even waste the energy to type an apology for being a shit blogger. oh wait, I just did. So soz guys...
I, Tara Masterson Hally, am a shit blogger. *what's new?
buttttt, I've been really focusing on working on my music an updating all my pages so that they're no longer representations of me as a fourteen-year-old-garageband-loving teenager. Four years older, four years less cringey... I hope!

Anyways, I've recorded some more new stuff, and I'm trying to get this all up-and-running again. The photos are by my friend Andrew who does amazing photography, obvzzz.

So, faithful readers (who don't exist anymore because last time I updated was Christmas (ooops...)(can you do brackets within brackets?)(probs not)(ohwell)) if you do still exist, then well done to you for possessing inhuman patience and loyalty. Your prize is a link to my
and my latest song. Please 'like' my page, I would really appreciate it! Also, keeps your eyes... or um, ears, peeled, because I'll be uploading a new song tomorrow hopefully!



Currently sitting in Charlotte airport waiting for my flight to board. Any airport that has free wifi automatically makes me overexcited and not totally dreading the next 24 hours of travelling.... so right now I'm a non-dreading over-excited wierdo uploading pictures of herself at the gate, nothing new...

Anyways, as always, I freak out in the last 24 hours of any holiday and/or break I'm on, and end up getting in a wierd creative fluster where I finish all the mini projects I meant to attempt earlier. So, this Christmas break, as opposed to making a shitty feather necklace that will break after one wear (exhibit A.) I fixed literally a PILE of necklaces where the chains had broken.

So with pliers in my hands and loads of left over chain, what's a girl to do? DIY IT, DUH.
It just so happened that I had this cool rock I kept from the beach this summer (I'm wierd like that, deal with it) I thought I had just the right idea what do with it, and if I may so myself, it turned out pretty magical...
I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. The last bit of the chain is doubled up and then doubled up again (...quadrupled?) so it hangs further of the chain. the black/silvery chain only cost me like four bucks, so I think some more of these DIY missions need to be taken on!

Here's another thing I did, not as sweet as the former, but I digress...
It was just a little rock/crystal/thing I had on a keychain from when I was little, and I found it while I was clearing out my room. Anyways, thought it would find a better home on a chain so I could wear it, the result being...
obvz, both of these necklaces look like I'm some hippy/witch/fortune-teller, but I kind of like it. If I ever need to hypnotize someone I can just grab my necklace.




Last week I had really minor surgery done on my foot, nothing too serious, but enough for me to be confined to the couch for the day at home. So being the crafty person I am I spent the whole day watching SONNY WITH A CHANCE (don't be hatin) and the remainder of the day was spent knitting this bow.

It was ridiculously easy, the simpleness of its pattern pretty much insults my skillz as a knitter (it's literally just a knitted rectangle bunched together with a smaller rectangle sewn around)
LOL JK I'm an idiot therefore simplicity means there is less of a chance of me fucking it up...

anyways, here it is, along with some stupid pictures of my sis and I before Christmas



OBVZ, it's Christmas.

My two lovely sisters decided to be particularly amazing this year and treated me to a CHRISTOPHER KANE SPACE SCARF...

zomg! wtf?
brb, lol, rofl, tbh, imo etc.

When I first opened the magical purple liberty box, I was all, "eeeeeeeeeeeeee, a space scarf!", because as any self-respecting cliched hipster/fashion-blogger, I unashamedly keep a folder specifically for my cosmos pictures, the Horsehead Nebula being my personal fav, duh.
(go to www.apod.nasa.gov they show a new picture every day)
1. the Horsehead Nebula 2+3. silly ol' me.

So then my sister asked me did I know where it was from. Obvz, it reminded me of the space stuff Christopher Kane did for his resort 2011 collection (sweet, no?) and I thenceforth began to freak out. Apparently, this scarf was a special edition collaboration with Liberty. In all honesty I never knew it existed, but now wonder how I lived without it in my possesion...
Kind of joking. But not really.

To make this present-receiving an even more amazing ordeal, they got me a little set of Liberty "Knot Cards for Scarves", how insightful. As well as a reproduction of a 1930's booklet about the many uses for a Liberty scarf, which is actually quite funny really.

Anyways, it's safe to say that I haven't taken off the scarf all day, and intend to keep it on my head until it rots, quite literally. Well not literally, but sort of...

(I think the above picture expresses my excitement adequately)

So, this is my tale of a very good Christmas indeed.
So I suppose it would only be polite....




Finally got my Halloween costume sorted. Tried out the make-up yesterday, after hours of tutorial-watching. From this whole ordeal I have learnt one thing. Make-up artists on YouTube always make really wierd faces when they're inspecting their piece, I.E. THEIR FACE.

that is all.
oh wait...



Jeremy Scott Spring 2011.
nuff said.

Old ticket dresses, models with rollers in their hair, dresses made out of plastic bags, and hoof shoes, HOOF SHOES?! I don't think anything else could have made this collection more amazing, oh wait, it's missing...




I have been a terrible internet-blogger-brat, and haven't posted in a while. BUT I do (as always) have an excuse. School's just started up again, and I'm now in 6th year, which is my last year until uni (eek), and as I'm a boarder, I don't have my laptop with me all the time. BUT ALSO, we do actually have wifi this year, so I should get back to regular (well, uh, more regular...) posting soon! The boarding has become less of a jailhouse now... more of a jailhouse with wifi, sweet.

Anyways, I don't really have much to post so here, take this random picture that I've stockpiled into the dark recesses of my "inspiration folder" on my desktop (cringe, cringe, CRINGE!)


SOURCE: pretty sure it's just a screenshot of an octopus on yooouuutuuube (check it out, it's actually so cool, promise), but um, still not sure where I got it, I think maybe from sea of shoes? Dunno... please don't sue me :)

P.S. Going to Electric Picnic so I should have more to blog about next week, that might even slightly interest you, just a little bit. But for now, I leave you with this, a demonstration of the beauty of reading the comments on ANY single ONTD post....